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Обсуждаем вопросы использования интеграции SalesPlatform Vtiger CRM с другими системами: Asterisk, 1С и др., а также использование Клиентского портала.

Running the SalesPlatform Asterisk Connector at a Raspberry (записей: 3)

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  • Аватар grousso - 1 мес., 2 нед. назад:

    Hi, i cant run the connector at all. Sonething is wrong with my Java.

    I get the folowing error

    2020-10-16 18:16:55,688 spasteriskconnector.SPAsteriskConnector FATAL [main] – Critical error on starting connector: Unable connect to DatabaseError opening connection
    java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable connect to DatabaseError opening connection
    at utils.SQLiteDatabase.(SQLiteDatabase.java:100)
    at utils.SQLiteDatabase.getInstance(SQLiteDatabase.java:43)
    at migration.Migration.applyMigrations(Migration.java:33)
    at spasteriskconnector.SPAsteriskConnector.main(SPAsteriskConnector.java:56)
    Exception in thread «main» java.lang.RuntimeException: Critical error on starting connector. Stop running.
    at spasteriskconnector.SPAsteriskConnector.main(SPAsteriskConnector.java:69)

  • Аватар Станислав - 1 мес., 1 нед. назад:

    Hello, @grousso !
    Salesplatform / vTiger asterisk connector uses SQLite DB driver under the hood. So, it is likely that the driver cannot start on your device. Try installing SQLite Java support in your system, it might help.
    Actually, in our company we’ve faced so much trouble with the «original» SP connector that we decided to develop our own one in Python. Maybe Python is going to be a better option when running on platforms like Raspberry.
    Some more details on our alternative connector in Python can be found here:

  • Аватар grousso - 1 мес., 1 нед. назад:

    I download sqlite-jdbc-3.23.1.jar inside SPAsteriskConnector/libs and everything ok

    Thank you